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How to Pack for an Epic SUP Holiday

How to Pack for an Epic SUP Holiday
If you and your mates are ready to get outside and on the water for some SUP fun, we’re with you! Now that Covid-19 travel restrictions are beginning to ease a bit, it’s time to plan a SUP trip. Travel can bring its challenges but we want to make it easy for you with our [...]

SUP for fitness When Your Gym is Closed

Does the Covid-19 “new normal” have you getting a bit bigger about the middle or a little weak in the core? That’s not good! So we’re here to talk about some bangin’ ideas to use SUP for fitness when your gym is closed. SUP for Newbie Paddlers -- Maybe SUP isn’t part of your current [...]

5 Ways SUP Can Help You Build a Better Immune System

How’s your immune system treating you? We hope all of our mates in Oz are doing well through coronavirus lockdown, and staying healthy. There’s one thing we know for sure about this pandemic -- it’s stressful. And stress can add up to a host of physical problems if we’re not careful. So to help encourage [...]

SUP with your Family While Physical Distancing

We all know we’re to practise physical distancing through the coronavirus pandemic. We’re being asked to stay in as much as possible, keep 1.5 meters between ourselves and others, step up our hygiene with more hand washing, and sneezing or coughing (if we must) into the crook of our elbow. But when it comes to [...]

Basic SUP Paddling Techniques

Stand up paddle boarding is absolutely amazing for getting fit, staying fit, having fun with friends and family and even getting some solo Zen time when you need it. Depending on how you like to SUP, your paddling technique might need a tweak or to. So we’re here with the lowdown on some basic SUP [...]

Hello Oz, Meet the Sleek New NAUTICAL Stand Up Paddle Board

Ok, you’d better grab a good hold on your SUP paddle because we have some really exciting news to share with our mates in the land of Oz. Ready? Here we go: the makers of iROCKER and BLACKFIN are positively thrilled to announce the release of the all-new, super smart, super affordable and super amazing [...]

Paddle Boarding Is the Ultimate Stress Buster

This summer has been a stressful and frightening time in Oz. Our hearts are with the people and creatures affected by the bushfires, and our thanks goes out to all who are helping save our beautiful land and animals. In times like these, it’s good to count our blessings and focus our time on what […]

How to Pack Up and Put Up Your Inflatable Paddle Board

We recently wrote a blog about planning an epic summer SUP holiday. If you didn’t see that one, be sure to check it out here. That post is chock full of ace tips for SUP fun all around Australia in summer. As we were researching for that blog, we were a bit flummoxed to find […]

2020 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Trends

Who’s ready to shift gears from holiday recovery to planning some 2020 SUP fun? We are! We bet you are, too, so this post is all about 2020 stand up paddle boarding trends and all the sleek new gear you simply must have. There’s a lot of exciting SUP stuff happening in 2020, from new [...]

Right Size Paddleboard For First Time Buyer

Right Size Paddle Board | iROCKER SUP

What is the right size paddleboard for a first time buyer?  First of all, welcome to the SUP world! The choice is quite overwhelming isn’t it? There are a few key things you should think about before your first purchase. Size is definitely one of them, so let’s see if we can help you. There […]