SUP with your Family While Physical Distancing

We all know we’re to practise physical distancing through the coronavirus pandemic. We’re being asked to stay in as much as possible, keep 1.5 meters between ourselves and others, step up our hygiene with more hand washing, and sneezing or coughing (if we must) into the crook of our elbow. But when it comes to our families, physical distancing isn’t really possible. So while all of Oz (and the world) are keeping a safe social distance, this is a great time to SUP with your family.

If you’re a bit worried about whether it’s ok to SUP with your family with the government’s stay-home order in place, you can read the nitty gritty here. Short story, we are allowed to go outside for exercise!

In fact, the Department of Health specifically instructs us to keep outdoor exercise in public spaces such as parks. This is a big relief to those of us who have a need for the great outdoors!

It’s important to note that the exercise provision limits outdoor “groups” to two. If you have more than two people in your family, you can still SUP together, just not in close proximity to one another. So spread out a bit when you’re on the water, keep a good 1.5 meters away from one another, and enjoy some stand up paddle boarding!

If your family is new to SUP (or maybe you are), or you just want some ideas for how to SUP in the time of physical distancing, this post is for you.

SUP with your Family While Physical Distancing

SUP Ideas during Physical Distancing

Finding a Family-Friendly SUP Spot

Go Paddling and Send Us Your Family SUP Pics

SUP Ideas during Physical Distancing

Physical distancing/social distancing is starting to get more than a few Aussies out of sorts. Taking up a new good habit like stand up paddle boarding, or trying something new with your board, is a great way to shake off boredom.

One way to get everyone in the family excited about a family SUP outing is to treat yourselves to some online SUP shopping. You don’t to spend a lot to get the ankle-biters psyched for some family SUP. Something as small as a new cup holder can get everyone excited for a day on the water.

Of course, if you don’t have a board for everyone in the family, you might need to get a new board. If that’s the case, be sure to check out the all-new NAUTICAL board. It’s easy on the wallet and specially designed for entry-level SUPers.

You can also have some online shopping fun by stacking up some board and gear comparisons and discussing everyone’s favorite features and colors. iROCKER has some gorgeous new styles and colors for 2020. You can check them all out here or feast your eyes on this:
Seriously gorgeous, isn’t it?

Insider tip: If you or your family are new to SUP, do everyone a huge favor and get an Electric SUP Pump. Less work for you, less whining from the peanut gallery and much more fun for everyone!

Certain accessories also do a lot for keeping a long day learning a new hobby light and fun. One must-have in our family is our Cooler Deck Bag. It doesn’t matter how much you feed the kids before SUP, they’re going to get hungry and thirsty. So pack snacks and bevs to keep everyone happy. Trust us on this one!

Finding a Family-Friendly SUP Spot

Once you’re geared up and have the whole family’s interests piqued, it’s time to plan your SUP outing. Getting everyone involved in some online research can add to the fun.

First thing you want to do is research online to find out of any coronavirus-related closings. Nothing ruins a great day of SUP like getting yourself and your gear to the perfect spot only to find out it’s closed.

So see what’s open and what’s not, and plan accordingly. Will you inflate your boards there? If yes, be sure to take a pump. Will there be a nice spot for a barbie or do you need to pack a sack of snacks? If you’re driving to your destination, will you have time to get packed up before the sun sets?

Here’s a short list of tips to help make your family SUP outing stress-free:

  1. Give yourself lots of time for packing, pumping, deflating and traveling.
  2. Take a change of clothes for the trip back home.
  3. Remember to pack plenty of snacks and drinks.

Another thing you’ll want to do is manage everyone’s expectations. If your family is new to SUP, they’re not going to be very likely to master everything on their first try, and that’s ok! Plan on some falls, keep it safe, and keep it light. You might even fake a fall on camera to give the whole family a friendly laugh at your expense.

Insider tip: Watch this instructional video with your family for tips on getting started and proper technique.

Go Paddling and Send Us Your Family SUP Pics

Once you’ve got your stand up paddle board, your must-have gear, lots of snacks and a solid plan, you’re ready to go paddling! Be sure to take pics and vids and share them with our fans over on our Facebook page. We love that stuff!

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