Hello Oz, Meet the Sleek New NAUTICAL Stand Up Paddle Board

Ok, you’d better grab a good hold on your SUP paddle because we have some really exciting news to share with our mates in the land of Oz. Ready? Here we go: the makers of iROCKER and BLACKFIN are positively thrilled to announce the release of the all-new, super smart, super affordable and super amazing NAUTICAL stand up paddle board!

Here’s a sneak peek. Isn’t she lovely?

Yeah, this is a good time to break open some bubbly. No judgement here because this board is worthy of a massive celebration!

You see, we built the NAUTICAL for our fans and followers asking for a simplified board that’s high on quality (like all our boards), budget-friendly (again, like all our boards) but also perfect for new paddlers or paddlers who just want a no-fuss board that can keep up with the fancier models.

So here it is, in all its glory!

Hello Oz, Meet the Sleek New NAUTICAL Stand Up Paddle Board

NAUTICAL is Designed with New Paddlers in Mind

NAUTICAL was Designed for Goal Setters

NAUTICAL is Designed with New Paddlers in Mind

Before NAUTICAL, there was a rather limited selection when it came to finding a high-quality paddle board with a sensible design for new paddlers.

Our design team decided to take a new look at some tried and true concepts to see how we could solve this problem. We knew we needed to build a newbie-friendly board that was easy to fall in love with, stable on the water, durable over time and affordable.

Our top three goals were:

  1. NAUTICAL must be affordable
  2. NAUTICAL must be strong
  3. NAUTICAL must offer a better paddle board option for new SUPers

Let’s talk about price. One of our goals has always been to remove the cost barrier for new paddlers. But after talking with some new paddlers and challenging our team for ideas, we discovered some things we could do to make the NAUTICAL board even more budget-friendly.

For one, we figured out that by streamlining the overall design, we could reduce some costs and pass the savings onto our customers. We also found a way to streamline the NAUTICAL board package to reduce up-front cost and give our customers more options for adding accessories if they want them. After all, if you don’t plan to deflate your board for travel or storage, then you probably aren’t interested in the 12 V Electric SUP Pump. We get that.

So our team decided to create a bundle-your-own SUP package that lets you decide what equipment you want now, later or never.

(That electric pump, though!)

For another, we knew we needed to support new SUPers with a really great price they can afford with no buyer’s remorse. Are you ready for the big price reveal? (You might want to sit down for this.)

The complete NAUTICAL package is only AU$568! But don’t let the low price make you wonder what you’re getting. The NAUTICAL package includes all of this:

  • NAUTICAL 32″ Wide Inflatable Paddle Board
  • NAUTICAL Back Pack
  • Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle
  • NAUTICAL Ankle Leash
  • Single Chamber, Dual Action Hand pump
  • 1 Repair Kit
  • Free Standard Shipping to Australia

Now, let’s talk about quality. The NAUTICAL board is constructed of Dual Layer Layer Military Grade Drop Stitch Material. That means it’s tough enough to stand up to dings or sturdy enough to earn our stellar warranty. Plus, it can hold riders and gear up to 108 kilograms.

Of course, NAUTICAL also comes with our outstanding manufacturer’s warranty so you can rest assured you’ll get plenty of use out of your investment.

NAUTICAL was Designed for Goal Setters

One thing all SUPers have in common is a desire to get and stay fit. We love that about you!

Deciding between the gym or the water is simple in our minds — water all the way! But if you’re new to SUP or have never tried it, how can you know which is better for you? There’s only one way to find out: order your first iSUP and go burn some kilojoules!

If you want to learn more about the awesome new NAUTICAL, check out all the details here or get in touch with our team on Facebook. We’re here to answer your questions, help you with your order and support you in your fitness mission.

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