Paddle Boarding Is the Ultimate Stress Buster

This summer has been a stressful and frightening time in Oz. Our hearts are with the people and creatures affected by the bushfires, and our thanks goes out to all who are helping save our beautiful land and animals. In times like these, it’s good to count our blessings and focus our time on what matters most. One thing we know for certain, when life gets stressful, SUP is the ultimate stress buster.

So this post is all about getting down to what matters most and that’s peace of mind, body and soul. If these awful fires and the stress of summer have you a bit out of sorts, then read on, mate. Here are our team’s top ways paddle boarding is the ultimate stress buster.

How SUP Relieves the Mind

How SUP Feeds the Body

How SUP Soothes the Soul

Bonus: How Paddle Boarding is the Ultimate Stress Buster

How SUP Relieves the Mind

SUP takes some solid mental focus to balance, get where you’re headed and stay on your board. Add in tricky terrain or other people paddling about, and you need to be on top of your mental game.

If you’re giving a go at a heart-pounding workout or simply trying out a new board, SUP is your secret for getting your mind focused on the good stuff. Believe us when we say that taking on a new paddle boarding challenge will get your mind off whatever it is that’s stressing you out. 

Here are some fun ideas for new SUP challenges to get you started. Forget the stress at work and home and focus on your SUP instead!

How SUP Feeds the Body

We happen to believe that SUP is not only the ultimate stress buster. It’s also the ultimate workout! Yeah, yeah, we’re biased but that doesn’t make us wrong. And since you’re reading this, we’re guessing you agree.

If you do nothing with your iROCKER than take a seat and paddle around a lagoon for an hour, you’ve done your body some good. But to really give your body the workout it craves, we’ve got some new ideas to try.

For example, there’s SUP yoga, SUP racing and SUP with your pup. All of these workouts will make you pay extra attention to your body balance and give you added fun in the process.

Side note: Hello! SUP with your pup? Count us in!

Whatever kind of paddling you’re up for, it’s going to require your full attention, mentally and physically. You’ll forget all about stress when you focus your mind and your body on paddling.

So if summer stress is getting you down, hop up on your board and paddle your worries away. You’ll get a full body workout along with that clear mind we were talking about earlier.

How SUP Soothes the Soul

What do you get when you mix a healthy mind with a healthy body? A happy soul, that’s what. We call that peaceful, easy feeling “SUP Zen,” and if you haven’t discovered it yet, you’re in for the ultimate treat.

SUP requires concentration of body and mind. That’s like a daily dose of vitamins for your soul. Whether you’re going it solo or taking along your mates or your pet, you’ll feel the benefits and forget all about that stress that’s been bringing you down.

If you do want to make SUP Zen your top priority, then this is a good time to take up SUP yoga.  Start by challenging yourself to the selfie-worthy warrior pose. Practice on shore at first then, when you’re ready, hit the water.

Hint: It’s a bit harder than it looks.

Find lots of helpful SUP yoga tips here and be sure to check out this video for the proper technique on land before challenging yourself on water.

Next, send us that selfie!

Bonus: How Paddle Boarding is the Ultimate Stress Buster

If you’re feeling better already and less worried about summer stress, why not treat yourself to a congratulatory treat? You know you’ve earned it!

Check out our line of specially designed paddle boarding gear to make your SUP time zero stress. After all, you need this Electric SUP Pump, right?

We’d love to hear how you’re using SUP to bust the stress right out of your summer. (And we really want to see your warrior pose selfies.) Contact us using the fields below on this page or message us on Facebook.

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