How Many Kilojoules Can You Burn with Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from our online fans about burning kilojoules or calories with stand up paddling. This time of year, after all the holiday parties and cakes, it’s no wonder. So we thought we’d do some research to answer the ultimate question, “How many kilojoules can you burn with stand up paddle boarding?”
If you’ve got some extra weight around the middle from a few too many frosties or pies in recent weeks, you’ll be happy to know you can shed that weight quickly with stand up paddle boarding.
On the low end, with just a light paddle on calm water, stand up paddle boarding can burn 300-to-400 kilojoules. With a bit of effort or a more extreme SUP workout, you might be looking at burning over 1,000 kilojoules!
Depending on the type of stand up paddle boarding you’re into and how many kilojoules you’re wanting to shed will determine your actual burn. To help sort it all out, we thought we’d break it down for you by workout type and SUP skill level.

On the Low End, You Can Burn 300 Kilojoules with Recreational Stand Up Paddling

Maybe you’re new at stand up paddle boarding or on the way back from a recent injury. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably going to have a gentle, easy stand up paddle board session on calm water.
You won’t be challenging rapids or racing the clock but you’re still going to get a workout that will burn about 300 kilojoules to up to 400 or 500. SUP works your entire body, head-to-toe. You’ll feel it in your:

  • Shoulders and arms
  • Back and core
  • Glutes and legs

Because SUP requires you to really master the balance thing, you can get more benefit from paddling on water than walking on land.
Once you’ve mastered the balancing act, you can challenge your skills and burn more kilojoules by paddling harder or faster, or even incorporating on-board cross training into your routine. If you do, you can expect to burn up to 500 kilojoules in about an hour of stand up paddling.
Tip: consider carrying your board to the water on foot or bike instead of driving. You’ll burn more kilojoules and reach your weight loss goals faster. Be sure to get yourself a Carry Strap if you haven’t already.

Why SUP Beats the Gym for Burning Kilojoules

Our entire iROCKER team is clearly into stand up paddle boarding over all other types of exercise. So maybe we’re biased when we say that SUP beats the gym big time. But facts are facts and the fact is, SUP beats the gym for burning kilojoules. Hear us out on this one….

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SUP combines balancing on water with a full body workout so you’re getting a bit of a two-for-one workout when you’re stand up paddling. Other sports, like yoga and Pilates also combine balancing with body weight training, and those are great, too.
So what if you were to combine yoga, Pilates or body weight exercises like push-ups or squats into a stand up paddling session? Yeah, mate, now we’re talking about serious kilojoule burn!
There’s also some really good soul benefits with SUP like solo SUP for morning meditation or group SUP for quality time with family and mates. You can’t get that in a gym!

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Go for Big Kilojoule Burn with Extreme SUP

If burning kilojoules fast is your goal, then extreme SUP workouts are your way to crush that goal. So here are our tips for upping your kilojoule burn with SUP:

  1. Incorporate SUP yoga into your routine. SUP yoga requires you to really master balancing on water which is a baller way to work your core. It’s also great for maximum oxygen intake, which helps with kilojoule burn and recovery.
  2. Add body weight exercises to your SUP sesh. Simple exercises like headstands, squats and push-ups are a lot more challenging on the water than on steady ground. You’ll burn more kilojoules and accelerate your fitness goals.
  3. Bring Spot along. If your best mate is your pooch, bring him along for bonding and challenge. You’ll need to balance yourself and your pup, which is a good workout for both of you.
  4. Get involved in SUP racing for maximum burn. If you do, you can expect to burn up to 1,000 kilojoules! Check out this post for tips on maximum burn and of course, winning your next SUP race.

Tip: be sure to use our waterproof Cell Phone Holder or Waterproof Smart-Phone Case for all of your SUP workouts. We really love the Cell Phone Holder because it mounts directly to the nose of your board and can be adjusted to your ideal viewing angle depending on whether you’re sitting, standing or racing the stopwatch.

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How Many Kilojoules Do You Want to Burn While Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

When it comes to burning kilojoules while stand up paddle boarding is a personal question. How many kilojoules to burn and how to burn them depends on your SUP skill level and your goals.
If you’re new at SUP or recovering from an injury or a minor surgery, take it easy with a gentle paddle. You’ll still burn 300-to-400 kilojoules in an hour and improve your core strength at the same time.
If whipping yourself into serious shape sounds more for you, then amp up your burn with SUP yoga, on-board cross-training or SUP racing. With these exercises combined with SUP, you’ll burn 700-to-1,000 kilojoules or more in a vigorous one-hour workout.
We’re all about fitness goals. Tell us all about yours using the fields below or hit us up on our social. Be sure to send your before and after pics, too. Our team wants to do everything we can to help you crush your kilojoule-burning goals!

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