How to Plan an Epic Summer Paddle Board Holiday

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If you’re stoked about a summer holiday with your iROCKER and some fave mates, we’re here with some ace tips on where to venture. We’re all about taking our paddle boards with us when we travel. If that sounds like you, then here are some tried and true tips for how to plan an epic summer paddle board holiday.
Taking a bit of time off work for play is necessary for total mind and body health. Think about a holiday with SUP every day, fresh local food every night and a frothy whenever you feel like it.
Yes, that’s the kind of summer paddle board holiday we’re talking about!
Here are our fave tips to have the most epic summer paddle board holiday possible.
Planning an Epic Summer Paddle Board Holiday
Tempting Summer SUP Holiday Destinations

Planning an Epic Summer Paddle Board Holiday

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Thorough planning is the key to every holiday away from home. Choosing the right destination, a good place to stay and figuring out what you want to do once you get there takes a bit of time.
If you’re bringing along a cobber or two, you need to get them involved in the planning. Harmony is key here to make sure everyone has a great time and new SUP stories to bring back home.
When planning a summer SUP holiday, follow these four planning steps:

  1. Scope out the perfect destination. Australia has so many great SUP destinations, you almost can’t go wrong here. But if you crave new places to explore, then you need to identify your priorities and find a destination that will satisfy your cravings. Are you looking for high adventure and a bustling scene, or solitude and tranquility? Decide early and design your entire holiday around that goal.
  2. Nail down the best place to stay. Not every hotel or AirBNB has a safe spot to stow your board and gear. When you’re searching out the best places to visit, you also want to put some work into finding the best places to stay. You can find many surf motels, hostels, hotels and private tariff houses with secure storage spaces and parking but you have to ask to be sure. Make sure there’s room to store your board and all your gear. Find out if you’ll have access to a hose or shower to wash everything off outside. Check the distance from your rental to the SUP spots (you don’t want to spend more time driving than SUPing). If you’ll have a car, is there parking for you? The answers to these questions can make or break your holiday. Do your research early so you won’t be disappointed later.
  3. Make a list of where you want to paddle. Australia’s SUP spots are world class and highly varied. If you’re looking for long, calm stretches, you’ll find them. Or if you’re looking for action and waves, you’ll find those, too. Maybe you want variation, with SUP yoga one day and gnarly surfing another. In Australia, you can have all that if you’re organized up front. Talk to your mates to create a daily SUP plan. Map the distances to each, taking note of travel time, things to do once you’re there and the best SUP activities for each spot. Think about night fun and non-SUP time while you’re at it. Check out the live music and food scenes if you’re into that so you’ll know in advance where to find the fun.
  4. Be prepared to take things in stride. There’s no such thing as perfect ever but when it comes to a SUP holiday, it pays to be flexible. Things can happen on the water. You can lose a paddle, snap a Carry Strap or even forget a fin back at home. Talk with your mates about investing in some emergency backup gear just in case you need it. We also recommend packing a patch kit, a dry bag for every phone and our rad electric pump so you spend more time SUPing and less time pumping.

Tip: Don’t’ forget your GoPro!

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Tempting Summer SUP Holiday Destinations

Australia has some awesome paddle board locations, there’s no doubt. With time and effort, you can visit them all.
This summer, keep in mind a few important factors when planning your SUP holiday:

  1. Required travel time. Will you drive or fly? However you’ll get there, budget the travel time into your plans. If you’ve got a seven-day holiday, you don’t want to spend three days on travel and have only four days for SUP, right?
  2. Estimated costs. Figure out a budget and plan your SUP holiday accordingly. Think about the hidden costs while you’re at it. Take into account fuel costs if you’re driving, GST where you plan to stay, and any other fees once you arrive, including any extra gear you plan to buy now.
  3. Safety. If you and your mates are on the same level, great. If you aren’t, think about the weakest one so no one gets into any trouble on the water. Have a plan for keeping your board and gear locked up securely and seek out SUP spots with low crime activity.

Tell Us all about Your Epic Summer Paddle Board Holiday

Once you’ve got your destination picked out, your perfect place to stay nailed down and a daily itinerary for maximum SUP time, all you need to do is go! When you get back, download all the pics and vids from your GoPro and send them our way. We want to see how you spent your epic summer paddle board holiday.

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