In Case You’re Wondering Why Take up SUP, We Have the Answers

Thinking about taking up SUP and wondering why take up SUP versus surfing or running or literally every other sport? We’re here to tell you why! First, full disclosure: we’re biased, mate.
Everyone on the iROCKER team is a HUGE SUP fan. We love SUP so much, we quit our day jobs many moons ago to design and build iROCKERs full time. So obviously, we’re going to give you a full-on positive review of SUP, why SUP and why every mate in your list should SUP.
We also want to help you out with solid and honest information about stand up paddle boarding so if you read through this and still have questions, just ask us. We’re here to help you fall in love with SUP.

Top 5 Answers: “Why SUP?”

Our initial list of reasons to SUP was heaps and heaps long and we know you don’t have time for that. So we carved away at the list to our top five reasons SUP should make your short list of awesome things to do in Oz.

1. Every Aussie Can Handle a Stand Up Paddle Board

Do  you know a single Aussie who isn’t smitten with the surf? We don’t. So assuming you’re like us (and your mates are, too), then you can bet you’ll get the hang of SUP in seconds.
You don’t need heaps of equipment to get started. Just a great board, sturdy paddle and water.
Yes, you might need a few seconds to practice your balance if you’re not accustomed to paddle boards or surf boards but it’s really only seconds. (Or maybe you’ve mastered yoga on a mat and you’re ready to up your game with SUP yoga.) Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be ready to amp up your workout to the level you like. Slow and easy or fast and furious. It’s your choice.

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is Great for Injury Recovery

If you’ve had a recent minor surgery or an injury like a sprain or strain, then SUP is your bridge to getting off the Chesterfield.
With SUP, you can go as hard or easy as you like. If you’re not ready to hop up and paddle, it’s no problem. Use your iROCKER as a floatie. When you’re ready, turn it into a kickboard. Soon, you’ll be up on your feet and paddling like a healthy pro. Or take it really nice and easy with some solo SUP fishing.

3. SUP Gives You Valuable Time with Loved ONes

Some sports require heaps of equipment or years of training and as a result, they can leave your mates (or you) on the sidelines.
Not so with SUP.
SUP is a sport everyone can try and love, whatever their fitness level. This makes SUP one of the best group sports ever!

4. SUP is a Good for Bonding with Work Mates

Does anyone really want to go to another work party? They will if it’s a SUP party! We started an annual Holiday SUP Party years ago and haven’t looked back. Ugly sweaters optional. Happy work mates guaranteed.

5. You Can Afford to SUP

Most sports require some equipment or special clothes. SUP does, too, but not much. This adds up to savings and simplicity. You need a great paddle board, of course. (Check!) And you’re going to want some trendy (and practical) gear. (Double check!) The only other thing you need is some free time. Have an hour or two? Then you have time to take up SUP.

Why SUP is for You (and Everyone You Know)

SUP is simple to learn, affordable, fun for the whole family and even your office mates. End of story! Well, not exactly. We’d like to hear your SUP stories! Use the fields below to let us know your favorite reasons to SUP or share your pics on our social .

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