Your Ultimate Paddle Board Gift Guide for 2019

A paddle board checks more boxes than just about any other gift. Strong statement? Oh yes, we know. Paddle boards and  iRockers, especially, are built for Aussies of every skill level, interest and body type. With so many wonderful gift ideas, the iRocker crew is here to make the case for SUP gear. Our 2019 iRocker ultimate paddle board guide includes all the best boards and accessories on the SUP scene.

Top SUP Picks for the Lad You Love

Just a head’s up, we may be a little biased. But hey, we have a reason to be! iRocker is the best selling paddle board in the world for a reason. From our contoured, modern BLACKFIN boards to the multi-use iRockers, we’re fully confident you can find the perfect board for your mate.

For the mate who needs to embrace their inner yogee: They’ll be saying namaste in no time with the iRocker Cruiser. The board’s plush deck pad and awesome buoyancy are perfect for the zen enthusiast in your life. It’s a good SUP for amateurs, experienced paddlers and everyone in between.
For the mate with little ones (two- or four-legged): Pick a board big enough for your mate and a pup or kiddo. That’s where the iRocker All Around board comes in. The larger-than-life design boasts enough buoyancy to support up to 425 pounds.
For the mate who’s a borderline pro athlete: The BLACKFIN Model V is right up their alley. Its sharp lines, 20% lighter board weight and triple-layer PVC composite make it an ideal SUP for surfing, racing and a whole lot more.

Must-have Accessories going into 2019

Quality, high-tech accessories are the key to a killer SUP experience. We started iRocker years ago and immediately noticed an interest in unique paddle board add-ons. Here are a few of our favorites (and soon to be yours, also.)
SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit: There’s a reason this gear package is one of the most frequently purchased accessories on our website. If your pal already has an iRocker paddle board, this is the obvious next step to enhance their hobby. Their SUP easily converts to a fully functioning kayak within minutes.
Electric SUP Pump: This pump takes paddle boarding enjoyment to a whole new level. Why do we love it so much? You get all of the excitement of owning an inflatable SUP with none of the manual labor. That’s a win, win in our book. This 12V pump fully inflates an iRocker to its prime PSI in as little as 10 minutes.

Safety Measures You and Your Mates just can’t Ignore

While paddle boarding certainly has way more pros than cons, there are a few safety tips to follow to ensure a positive experience. High-quality safety gear and the right precautions will make sure everyone gets back to shore in one piece.

  1. Take a look at the weather forecast before heading out. The swell, tide and wind conditions greatly impact your SUP experience. If you’re a novice paddler, we recommend you avoid launching your board during strong winds or currents. Choppy waters and rough currents are dangerous and difficult for inexperienced paddlers and swimmers.
  2. Always use a SUP leash when paddle boarding. Attach a leash to your ankle and your board to keep yourself afloat all day. Your leash keeps you attached to your board (aka your main floating device on the open water) even when you fall into the water.
  3. Always hit the water in a group. It’s way safer and a whole lot more fun to spend your day with at least one mate. Fill your cooler with snacks and cold brews, grab a few friends and safely explore the beautiful Gold Coast.

Perfect Paddle Boarding Gifts for the Person Who has it All

It’s nearly impossible to shop for the friend who has it all. No matter your budget, we guarantee there’s some SUP gear they don’t have…yet. Don’t worry, we’ve got ‘ya covered with our team’s favorite gift idea for the people who already own everything.

The iRocker premium ankle leash is the perfect gift for literally anyone who loves to paddle board. If you don’t already know, one of the easiest ways to ruin a SUP sesh is to get an ankle rash from a low-quality leash. The super-strong coiled leash protects your skin from rubbing against the material and keeps you focused on the fun at hand.

The Ultimate Paddle Board Guide Starts with iRocker

Since we launched iRocker, it’s always been our goal to provide SUPers with anything and everything they need for a great paddle boarding experience. We know It’s not always easy to shop for the SUP enthusiasts in your life, but you’re sure to find something suitable with iRocker.
Between top-quality, modern paddle board designs and unparalleled SUP gear, there’s something for everyone on the iRocker website. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for a little inspiration.

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