10 Unique Activities to Try on Your Paddle Board

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Every great weekend is spent on the water with your paddle board in tow. Whether you unwind with Shavasana on your SUP or go for an early morning float with your family, SUPing is the best way to stay active during the winter months. Bundle up with your wetsuit and neoprene booties, because these are 10 unique activities to try on your paddle board.

1. Stare at the Stars from Your SUP Deck

Brisk nights along the Gold Coast should be spent on the water cozied up with your significant other. Pack a few schooners and hit the water for a paddle board experience unlike any other.
Not all paddle boards are created equal, which is one reason iRockers are equipped for this relaxing activity. The plush deck pads on all iRocker and BLACKFIN models make them the perfect boards to unwind and star gaze. We’re all about safety, so be sure to wear reflective clothing and bring a flare gun for emergencies.

2. Get in Your (Floating) Golf Fix

While Australia may be home to some of the world’s top courses, some of the most fun you’ll have swinging a club is out on your SUP. With the right paddle board and some durable golf gear, you’ll be fine-tuning your golf game in no time. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Anchor for the floating green
  • Piece of artificial turf
  • PVC pipes to build a floating green
  • Floating golf balls (foam or plastic)

This is a whole lot harder than a round at Royal Melbourne or Kingston Heath. After you create your floating green with the PVC pipes and turf, find the perfect spot to practice your swing. Head to a place void of boats, people or buildings and use your wedge or 9-iron to give your golf game a whirl.
Make the most of your SUP-golf experience with the All-Around board. Its size, crocodile-textured trackpad and multi-use action mount make it the perfect board for balance challenge activities.

3. Make Sea Clean Up an Afternoon with Your Mates

Over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash cover the sea’s surface in 2019. Yep, you read that right. With numbers that high, this problem can’t just be left to a few government officials. It’s the job of every Aussie to band together and conquer this crisis.
How exactly, grab a couple mates and make an afternoon of it. Thanks to the maneuverability of SUPs, accessing those hard-to-reach shallow spots is a breeze during trash clean up.

4. Whitewater SUPing is the Rush You Need

Adrenaline junkies will feel right at home with this one. Inflate your paddle board and hit the rapids for a daredevil’s version of whitewater rafting. The SPORT and BLACKFIN Model V boast numerous layers of military grade materials to prevent dings, dents and ruptures.
Protect yourself with a helmet and PFD when trekking areas with sharp rocks and rapid currents. The top-quality materials keep your iRocker safe, so it’s important to keep you body just as protected.

5. Family Time Spent on the Paddle Boards

Winter in Australia is still better than summer just about everywhere else. The Gold Coast is still bustling, the water is still welcoming and your paddle board still calls your name. Double up with the kiddos to make transport easier! A family of four can easily fit on two ALL-AROUND boards.
SUPing is perfect for every family member, no matter their age. Pack a cooler with some goodies and bring a waterproof camera to capture the memories.

6. Toss in a Line from Your Paddle Board Deck

Fishing from a boat? Sure. But fishing from an inflatable paddle board? Trust us, it’s the bomb. This is a brand new craze that’s gaining popularity from Perth to Cooktown. Instead of dropping a few too much on a new flats boat, get all of your fishing kicks from the deck of your SUP.
The most important aspects of paddle board fishing are functionality and stability. Advanced tech additions like BLACKFIN’S multi-use action mount removes the challenge associated with this new sport.

7. Enlist in a Local Kayaking Competition

Did we just completely confuse you? Yes, this is a list of paddle boarding activities. And yes, we just told you to enter your SUP in a kayak race. That’s because your iRocker converts to a fully functioning kayak in less than five minutes.
From a carbon fiber blade to a cushioned seat, our kayak conversion kit includes everything you need for a reliable ride. Not many paddle board companies can offer that! Hey, your moo-la just goes further when you invest in an iRocker.

8. Hit the Bars from Your Board

Bar hopping is killer on land, but it’s even better on the water. It keeps drunk drivers off the road and makes the whole outing even more fun. Hotspots all over Australia are calling your name. Launch your board near any of these floating bars for an afternoon you won’t forget.

9. Paddle up to a Local Concert

Waterfront concerts have been a popular attraction forever. The only downside to this fun outing is the traffic jam you’re certain to encounter. Why sit in traffic when you can stand on your paddle board?SUP on up to the Australian International Music Festival this July for some waterfront tunes you just can’t miss.

10. Play Hookie with Your Pup

Sometimes a cubicle just doesn’t cut it for the day. Take a sick day and hit the water with your SUP and pup this warm winter. iRocker boards are built for stability, so maneuvering the water with your pet in front is as easy as can be.
The winter may be mild, but it’s important to bundle up! Keep yourself and your furry friend warm with these helpful tips from the paddle board pros.

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Start Your Winter with the Gear You Need for these 10 Activities to Try on Your Paddle Board

Even a full work week in the middle of winter still calls for some relaxation. It’s important to stay active through every season, and paddle boarding is the best way to do it.
Take a stab at these unique SUP adventures this winter. Tag us on Instagram to let us know what you think. Who knows, you may even be featured in a post or two. 
Head to your nearby SUP stop to give these unique adventures a try. Like what you tried? Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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