SUP Fishing is the Winter Activity You’re Missing

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Stand up paddle boards are good for so much more than cruising and catching surf. Catch some fish from the comfort of your SUP deck this winter. No engine, no wake and no depth requirement is the perfect recipe for a big catch. If you and your mates have run out of ways to spend time outside this winter, SUP fishing is the answer.
No fishing experience? No worry. We’re here with ace tips before you launch your board on the chilly Australian coastline. We’ll also break down the details that even the most experienced fisherman might not know.

SUP Fishing | iROCKER Paddle Boards
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The Right Gear is the Trick to Successful SUP Fishing

Ask any mate or neighbor who knows a thing or two about fishing — it’s tough to catch a fish when you don’t use the right bait. Whether you choose lures or live bait, it’s important to identify the water you’re in and the type of fish native to the area. 

After you get the right bait and dig your pole out of the closet, it’s time to adorn your SUP with the right accessories. Sure, standard gear and a basic pole might get you a fish or two. Like many other sports, SUP fishing is most effective with quality equipment.
Just hear us out. All of that live bait and your fresh catches need to stay cold, right? Right. You’re also going to want a rod holder. If you want to use more than one fishing pole or simply don’t want to exhaust your upper body, a rod holder has got ‘ya covered.
Every inch of iRocker and BLACKFIN boards are built to maximize the SUP experience. From the simple-to-use electric SUP pump to the military grade materials, iRocker boards are built to withstand weather and water conditions of all kinds.

SUP Fishing | BLACKFIN Paddle Boards

How to Gain Control of Your Gear

The way you maneuver your SUP in the water becomes way more difficult with a fishing pole and bait box. With some rope, basic knowledge and a whole lot of balance, you’re in for an easy and successful day.
Control your SUP: Wrap an eight-foot rope around your midsection and secure the other end to your paddle board. This is a simple way to keep your board nearby while you wade through the water.
Control your paddle: Form a small loop on each end of a three-foot rope and tie it around your waist. Fasten one loop through the other and allow the paddle to rest from your waist onto the iRocker deck pad. Having to frequently pick up and put down your paddle will quickly exhaust your body (and scare away the fish).

Fishing in Saltwater vs. Freshwater
SUP Fishing | Adventure | iROCKER
SUP Fishing | SUP Activities | iROCKER

Fishing in Saltwater vs. Freshwater

Every aspect of your day on the water is impacted by the salinity levels. Freshwater, brackish and saltwater all require different fishing gear and strategies to attract the fish. Do your homework before hitting the water to make sure you’re prepared.
It’s as simple as chatting with your local bait shop employee or reading a few blogs online. Proper research will spare you plenty of time and money after a while. When you do it right, SUP fishing is a budget-friendly activity perfect for your family and mates.
Plenty of skilled outdoorsmen have found clever ways to give every SUP fishing tool a dual purpose. A smaller vessel doesn’t have to result in fewer catches. Simple tricks will make the most of your paddle board, gear and skill set.
If you launch your board in saltwater, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, it’s smart to familiarize yourself with the tidal currents in your area. Water currents don’t always coincide with high tide and low tide, especially in inlets and channels. Google marine charts in your area for another handy tool.
Freshwater fishing is similar to saltwater fishing in many ways, but differs on a few key points. Just like marine charts for saltwater, the moon, sun and weather behavior greatly impacts freshwater conditions. For example, fish behave differently in bright daylight than they do a dreary morning.

Share Your #WinterOnTheWater SUP Fishing Pics

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SUP Fishing | Adventure | Weekend Getaway

We know you need a whole lot of gear for a day of SUP fishing, but it’s important to save room for your camera! Snap a few photos of your SUP fishing trophy catch and share with crew over here at iRocker. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see if you’re featured.
If you’re thrilled about SUP fishing but don’t own a paddle board yet, we’re here to help you out. SUP fishing is best done on a board with optimal length and width to increase buoyancy. The ideal paddle board for your new hobby is the BLACKFIN XL. Practice your new fishing skills on your new SUP and we have no doubt you’ll fall in love with this contemporary form of fishing.
Whatever you do, don’t forget to tell us about your big catch from your paddle board. Use the fields below to let us know all about it.

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