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Is it time to upgrade your basic hand pump for a top-quality electric SUP pump? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The right pump is essential to a swift prep process and an enjoyable day on the water. An electric pump is the easiest and most efficient way to inflate your IROCKER or BLACKFIN board. Instead of using all of your strength to operate a hand pump, you can now save your energy for what really matters. Keep reading for your go-to guide when shopping for an electric SUP pump this winter.

Everything You Need to Know about iROCKER’S Electric SUP Pump

This post is going to break down everything you need to know about the amazing iROCKER electric SUP pump. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science but it is state-of-the-art awesome.

The Case for a 12V Electric SUP Pump

How to Inflate Your Paddle Board with an Electric Pump

Understanding the Components of the iROCKER Electric Pump

FAQs and the Answers You Need about the iROCKER Electric Pump

The Case for a 12V Electric SUP Pump

A 12V pump is an ideal solution for budget-friendly SUPers who want to quickly inflate a paddle board. If this describes you, we’re here with everything you may want to know before splurging on a new electric SUP pump. 
You’ll find more than a few electric SUP pumps online with a simple Google search. Many of them can get the job done, but none will really compare to the simplicity and affordability of IROCKER’s electric pump.
Our top-quality pump is easy to operate and fully inflates your SUP in 10-to-12 minutes. When you’re done for the day and ready to pack up your board, use the pump to deflate your board in less than five minutes.
Using your SUP pump couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is set your desired PSI (we recommend a 15 PSI for your paddle board), connect the pump to a power source and press the start button.
Treat your body to some pre-SUP yoga to put yourself in the right state of mind.

How to Inflate Your Paddle Board with an Electric Pump

We’ve already covered the basics on how to operate your new pump, but there’s a good chance we left you wanting more. Don’t worry because we love your questions!
Take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to fully inflate your paddle board in minutes. (We’ve done this ourselves at least a milliion times so we have it down solid.)
Step 1: Connect your electric pump to a 12V battery or your automobile’s cigarette lighter.
Step 2: Access the digital LCD display screen on the pump to program the ideal PSI between 15 and 23. (A little practice goes a long way with PSI. Some like it a little harder. Some like it softer. Practice makes perfect!)
Step 3: Insert one end of the inflation hose to the pump and the other to your paddle board.
Step 4: Press the power button and watch the magic happen.
Step 5: Unhook the hose from your paddle board and hit the water.
It really is that easy. A 12V electric pump is easy for people of all SUP skill levels to use. This pump is the answer to exhausted arm muscles before you even begin to paddle on the water.

iROCKER Electric SUP Pump
Electric SUP Pump | iROCKER Electric SUP Pump

Understand the Components of an Electric SUP Pump

Every IROCKER 12V electric SUP pump comes with pretty much everything you need to get the job done. The only tool you may need to purchase is a 12V battery if your car doesn’t have a cigarette lighter.
Other than that, you’re well on your way to inflating your IROCKER or BLACKFIN board.
114″ (9’5″) cigarette lighter power cord: This important accessory turns your car into a power source for your SUP pump. Connect the coordinating end with a cigarette lighter to create a flow of power to the pump.
12V battery alligator clips: Alligator clips connect to the positive and negative terminals of a basic 12V battery to safely and effectively transfer power. This is the perfect solution for paddlers who don’t have access to a car or boat cigarette lighter.
42″ (3.5′) inflation hose: This hose is customized to perfectly fit all IROCKER and BLACKFIN boards. Connect one end to your paddle board and the other end to the electric SUP pump.

iROCKER Electric SUP Pump | SUP Gear

FAQs and the Answers You Need

If you still have a few questions after diving into the guide above, this list of FAQs is sure to help. From desirable PSIs to storage recommendations, we’re here with the answers to your most pressing questions.
Does my 12V electric SUP pump come with a warranty?
Yes it does! A one-year manufacturer’s warranty covers everything outside regular wear and tear. Also, every IROCKER and BLACKFIN board comes equipped with a two-year warranty.
What is the recommended PSI for a fully inflated paddle board?
The minimum recommended PSI for an inflatable paddle board is 14 and the maximum is 23. Your electric pump will start to register a pressure reading at around 7 PSI. Your IROCKER or BLACKFIN board won’t experience any specific benefits if you inflate the board past 15 PSI.
Can I keep my board inflated while not in use? Of course. Our team often keeps display and demo boards inflated for several months without damage or air loss. Avoid keeping an inflated board in direct sunlight to prevent over-expansion.

Upgrading to a 12V Electric SUP Pump is a No-Brainer

An electric SUP pump is the perfect gift for any paddle board fanatic in your life (even yourself!) While hand pumps are helpful in the beginning, there’s no denying the ease of upgrading to an electric pump.
Take them on road trips and simplify the pre-SUP process for you and your mates.
We want to hear your thoughts on your new electric SUP pump. Share your opinion with us on IROCKER’s Facebook or Instagram or use the fields below to share your thoughts.

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