Paddle Boarding is for YOU, No Matter Your Age — Here’s Why

Blackfin Paddle Board for all age groups

There simply isn’t a better activity than paddle boarding in all of Australia for the whole family to enjoy. It’s not just because your kids will learn quickly and the grandparents won’t find it too strenous (although those are obvious perks). The versatily, ease of use and lightweight materials make SUPing a sport anyone can enjoy.

Unless you live along the sea, you’re probably nervous to allow your kids in the water on their own. A simple solution to calm your nerves is to join your kiddos in the water! Advanced boards like the BLACKFIN Model X are durable enough to support you and one or two children. If the kids are out of the house and you’re looking for a new exercise that won’t put a strain on your body, SUPing is the answer. The amount of energy you use is completely up to you.

1. Hone Your SUP Skills in Under an Hour

It’s really that easy. Within 60 minutes you’ll begin to develop balance and paddle skills that’ll make you feel comfortable on the water. 21st century stand up paddle boards are built to improve stability and maneuverability, no matter the rider’s skill level. From top-quality fins to streamlined paddle designs, iRocker equips every SUPer with the materials they need to pick up the sport in no time.

If pups (and even pigs!) can cruise on a SUP, so can all of your family members. Not sure which board is best for your crew? Take a look at the iRocker board comparison chart to help with your decision.

2. SUPing Boasts Better Health Benefits than Other Sports

Expect to feel and see a real difference in your body after a few paddle boarding sessions. Riders of every age will benefit from this high-cardio, low-impact exercise.
● Keep stress and anxiety at bay by reconnecting with natural in a calm setting
● Strengthen the core for senior rehabiltation and children’s muscle development
● Boost balance and coordination that aids in improving posture, muscle aches and overall disposition
● Engage and rehabilitate tired muscle groups while building strength in healthy areas of the body
● Lose weight by high-energy SUPing for long periods of time and at a more vigorous pace

3. Convert Your iSUP to Fit Different Interests

Maybe you’re in the mood for a leisurely paddle but the kiddos want to kayak down in the Noosa Everglades. You’re in luck! You can do both with the same stand up paddle board. From relaxing yoga to stimulating kayak races, SUPs boast a level of versatility unmatched by other athletic equipment.
Convert your iSUP into a kayak in just a few minutes for casual cruising, racing or fishing
● If you enjoy Pilates or yoga, purchase a board with a comfortable deck so your board can double as a workout mat
● Invest in SUP rod holders and fishing gear to reach shallow fishing spots unreachable by boat

SUP to Kayak | Blackfin Kayak Bundle


4. Light Enough for Anyone to Carry

No matter how strong you are, inflatable stand up paddle boards are lightweight and compress to a small size. Unfortunately, traditional fiberglass hard boards don’t offer the same benefits. No need to spend money on expensive travel cases, airline fees or a roof rack to transport your board.

iSUPS are a cost-effective travel companion for family members of all ages. It’s as simple as deflating your iRocker, compressing it into your travel backpack and heading out on your Gold Coast getaway.


5. Take Your Board Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want

Unlike boats, surf boards and skim boards, stand up paddle boards don’t discriminate based on water depth or skill level. It’s always smart for novice SUPers to start small. Instead of launching your board in the Noosa Everglades or one of the busy beaches, head for a calm lake or pond. Save the waves, rip currents and onlookers for another time.

SUPing is a great sport for little kids or retirees who don’t want to travel far from home. Simply launch your board in the peaceful pond or body of water in the neighborhood for a fun afternoon on the water.

The Bottom Line — SUPing Doesn’t Discriminate

Blackfin SUP | Best SUP for all ages

When you head out on the water with fellow paddle boarders, just take a look around. You’ll see parents teaching their infants, dogs hanging out on the nose of the board and super seniors riding a wave.
How you choose to spend your time on your SUP is completely up to you. Reconnect with aqua yoga or get your adrenaline pumping with a SUP race. No matter what you do, there’s no doubt that stand up paddle boarding is for you.
Modern SUPs provide high-quality materials and accessory add-ons that will bring your experience full-circle. If you want a board that will take you from the beginning stages to advanced paddle sessions, check out the BLACKFIN Model V. With the help of its sleek paddle, comfortable ankle leash and a high-quality trackpad, there’s no doubt you’ll put some miles on that board in no time.
Our job at iRocker is to bring the highest quality stand up paddle boards to riders of all ages, sizes and skill levels. Practical add-ons like the Premium Ankle Leash and the Kayak Bundle allow you to get more out of your board, no matter your age or body type.
Need some help before you make an investment? Our iRocker paddle boarding professionals are here with the answers. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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