How to Choose the Perfect Paddle Board for Your Height and Weight

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The hardest part of paddle boarding isn’t keeping your balance or learning to catch a wave. Nope! It’s finding a board that works perfectly for your body and SUP goals. Canucks all over need the help of experts like us to make an educated purchase. You’re in luck! We’ve got you covered.

Paddle boards these days come in all kinds of shape, size and color combinations. With so many choices, it’s more important than ever to focus on the right buying criteria. iRocker and Blackfin boards use modern technology and fresh designs to offer SUPs that work for everyone.

Your Board and Body Should be a Perfect Match

The most important part of buying a new iSUP is finding the right board for your height and weight. If you focus on your body type and paddle board goals, you’ll be on the fast track to purchasing in no time.

Simple SUP Tips to Help You Shop

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  • You have two choices of hulls. One is the obvious choice for beginners. Planing hulls are wide and flat, which helps with balance and maneuvering. The second option is a V-shaped displacement hull, which is a great choice for advanced racing and surfing SUPers.iRocker Advice: Planing hulls are best for stability and displacement hulls are perfect for speed.
  • Choose between an inflatable or fiberglass board. .Understand your options to quickly narrow your shopping process. As an iSUP company, we’ll try our best to be impartial on this one!Inflatable SUPs are the perfect option for beginners, kiddos and frequent travelers. They’re dent and ding resistant and easy to deflate and carry. Hard fiberglass boards are sturdy vessels built for racing and surfing. 
  • Board weight and volume capacity are key factors.Pay close attention to the specs provided for the paddle boards you consider. It’s always smart to buy a board that can support a heavier weight than underestimate you and your family’s needs. Check out the iSUPs on the iRocker site for a detailed breakdown of weight and volume capacities. Remember, it’s different for every board!

Fast Facts on Important Paddle Board Measurements

We want you to make a smart purchase, and that starts with understanding the terminology. Save yourself the stress of months of research. Don’t stress! It’s all summed up right here.

Length: Short boards are great for speed and control, but they’re not ideal for novice stand up paddle boarders. Opt for a long board that’s at least 10 feet for optimal balance and maneuverability.

iRocker Advice: Simply add nine-to-10 inches to your own height to find the right board length.

iSUP for yoga: Purchase a board that’s 10-to-13 feet with a comfortable deck pad.
iSUP for racing: Your best bet is a 12-to-14 foot paddle board.
iSUP for surfing: A six-to-10 foot board is perfect for riding waves.

Width: A wide, long board is the ideal choice for heavier SUPers and newbies in the sport. Consider the iRocker All-Around board for a great first SUP.

Weight Capacity: If we could make this part of the blog jump out of the screen, we would! This is the most important tip you’ll read during your SUP shopping. Pay attention to the maximum weight recommended by the paddle board manufacturer. This is a time to trust the experts, we promise.
A perfect choice for heavier paddle boarders is the Blackfin Model XL, which supports up to 485 pounds.

Stability: Pay attention to the stability rating on a board, especially if you’re a beginner. The heavier you are, the higher the stability rating you’ll need for best results. Every iRocker board has a corresponding rating. Take a look at our Blackfin paddle boards for boards with an awesome 10/10 rating.

iRocker SUPs are Built for Every Single Person

iRocker boards are built with the highest quality military-grade materials. Simply put, great materials result in a great SUP experience. We know every person is created differently, and we have a board made to match every type of SUPer.

“When I finally got this bad boy on the water, it far exceeded my expectations for an inflatable. Popped right up and the stability was unreal. I’ve tried several rentals, none come close to the Blackfin. My son and I got on it together at a combined weight of 450 lbs and it was still half out of the water! Can’t recommend iRocker, especially the Blackfin, enough.”
– Todd G., Google Review

Our mission is to build paddle boards for every type of paddle boarder. Hundreds of hours of research, development and testing have led us to the paddle boards on our site today. Check out iRocker’s board comparison chart to make your SUP selection as easy as can be.

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