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As we begin 2019, we once again must look at all the holidays because so many of them are approaching quickly and unexpectedly, but doesn’t that seem to happen every year? We have a few ideas about what to get that special someone.

If you want to introduce someone in your life to the iROCKER or BLACKFIN lifestyle, we suggest getting them some functional gear, such as an iROCKER hat or BLACKFIN lanyard.

Here are a few other gear gift suggestions for friends and family.

Spoil Them With an iROCKER or BLACKFIN

If you’re shopping for an adventure seeker who deserves the most this holiday, get them their very own iROCKER. It’s a worthwhile investment.

An iROCKER is one of those awesome gifts that keeps on giving. It provides endless experiences and adventures, and it promotes healthy, active living. It could be just the thing your friend needs to start the new year off in the right direction.

This is a great gift if you have a few people who are willing to chip in on the cost. Or you can enter to win a brand new iROCKER Cruiser for your friend here.

Plan a Trip With the iROCKER Carry Bag

If you have a pal who already has an iROCKER, a great gift to give them is an iROCKER Premium Back Pack Carry Bag. With this handy carry bag, they can explore endless destinations without having to lug a huge board around from place to place.

Simply map out your trip and go. Avoid spending time planning how you’re going to transport the iSUP from one destination to another. All you have to do is take off the fins, deflate the iROCKER, roll it up and slip it back in the bag. Once the straps are secured, you’ll be ready to hit your next destination.

This gift is ideal for that friend who is always on the go, looking for the next best adventure.

Treat Someone to the Cooler Deck Bag

The Cooler Deck Bag is ideal for SUP-ers who like to spend an entire day out on the water. If you have a friend who is this dedicated to SUP, the cooler bag is for them.

With the cooler bag, SUP-ers have the option to stay out on the water all day. They won’t even have to think about heading back to shore in the middle of a good paddle to rehydrate or refuel.

Water bottles and snacks fit in the bag comfortably, and the bag is water-resistant, so it’ll be sure to keep whatever’s inside dry and cool all day.

The bag attaches to the cargo area D-rings. This super secure setup makes the cooler bag an ideal place to store your phone and keys while you’re on the water. Even if the board flips, your phone will be safe from harm, as long as the cooler bag is zipped up all around.

Get Them the iRocker Kayak Bundle

If your friend is an experienced SUP-er and you want to introduce them to something different than what they’re used to, get them the iROCKER Kayak Bundle.

The kayak bundle includes a cushioned neoprene seat that straps conveniently to the board. It also comes with a fiberglass paddle, perfect for kayaking in calm or rough waters. Seriously, this is a killer gift for the SUP-er who already has everything!

Plus, if you get the kayak seat for your friend, you’ll get a chance to try it out. Who knows, you might fall in love and buy one for yourself. Then you could both have a kayak adventure together!

If you’ve used any of the gear mentioned above, tell us all about your experience below. Don’t forget to upload some pics of your gear in action!

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