iROCKER to The Rescue


Recently, while paddling around on my iROCKER SUP with friends on Magen’s Bay in the US Virgin Islands, I noticed two parties were happening on either end of the beach.

As usual, on St. Thomas, it was a beautiful day, with temperatures around 27°C, calm waters, a few puffy clouds and just enough of a breeze to slightly move the palm leaves. I could hear island reggae playing from the party on the North end, which made the experience out on the water even more island-y.

Magen’s Bay is such a beautiful place, everyone should add it to their “to do” list. (Even the most die-hard Aussies!)

Because the bay is protected within a large cove and offers a white sand beach that stretches for about 1.2 kilometers, it’s a popular spot for destination weddings, family reunions and SUPing vacations.

Magen’s is also known as a perfect place to iSUP. If you can get to it, you will easily find parking, and there’s a hopping little beach bar right there on one of the top beaches in the world. There’s even a SUP instructor who lives close by and is usually there to join in for a paddle and some good conversation.

After a fun-filled day on the bay, taking turns on our boards, and having just a beautiful reggae-filled paddling day, my friends and I decided it was time to head to the tiki bar for some well-deserved island beverages.

Just then, a local chef approached us to see if we could help her out. Chef Faye Auerbach of Love City Lunch Box, a meal delivery service, had driven to the bay with a delivery for a sailboat that was anchored in the harbor. However, the boat’s dinghy wouldn’t start, so her customers were going to miss out on their gourmet meal and champagne!

Would it be possible to transport the meal by iROCKER?

You bet!

We packed her delivery into a dry bag, tied it down securely to the board, and gave Chef Faye a little push to help her into the bay. She was able to ferry the food to her clients, which saved the day and made their sunset perfect.


You just never know when your iROCKER is going to be able to help someone out. It’s times like this when I think I should get myself an iROCKER Big Blue.

Note: order an iROCKER Big Blue and be a superhero.

Chef Faye made it to her client, which made her and the sailboat captain very happy. She sweetly rewarded our SUP ferry ride with a gourmet meal the next evening, and even washed our board with fresh water when she came back.

The iROCKER SUP ferry for gourmet food delivery is way better than on an old dinghy anyway, right?

Have you used your iROCKER to save the day? If so, let us know by using the fields below to tell us your story. Stuff like that makes us grin.


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