Get In Gear for Some iSUP Fun

iROCKER SUP Kayak Bundle with Seat

Once someone catches the stand up paddle boarding bug, the next thing they do is start planning life around SUP time. We love that!

But even the most hardcore SUP-er sometimes misses an otherwise well-planned SUP sesh because of an equipment failure. It happens to all of us: you pack up your board and get to the perfect water, only to realize you left your pump at home, your leash is broken or you forgot drinks and snacks.


Ok, we’re just going to say it: mum was right when she told you an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

So why make the mistake of being underprepared when you know better? Let’s get in gear like mum expects with the right gear every time you head to the water.

Gearing Up with the Right Board

The first thing you need is a quality iROCKER stand up paddle board. Whether you SUP in lakes, canals, rivers, oceans or lagoons, you need a stable board that can withstand debris in the water and the hassles of travel.

We design and build all of our boards ourselves and are really proud of what we deliver.  After years of experimenting to find the perfect combination of materials and design, we know our boards are top quality, safe and fun.

If you’re new to stand up paddle boarding, the widest board possible is a good way to start. Wide boards are more stable in the water and will help you get your balance.

If you enjoy SUP-ing with your mates or your little ones, take a look at the iROCKER Big Blue. It’s a multi-person board with room for the extra gear and snacks you’ll need.

Make SUP Easy with the Right Accessories

An awesome board is just the beginning. You’ll need paddles and a reliable ankle leash to keep  your board securely fastened to you. If you fall in the water (and you will), you don’t want to lose your gorgeous board.

You’ll also need a cooler deck bag for drinks and snacks. SUP is a serious workout, whether you take it slow or go for a burn. You will get hungry and thirsty.


Carry straps are another preparation win. Our boards are as light as safety and quality allow, but your arms are going to get tired during your SUP sesh. Carry straps will make the walk back to your car so much easier.

You’ll also want a pump. No sense driving to the water only to find out you don’t have a way to inflate your board. After all, there’s an “i” in our name for a reason. All of our iROCKER boards inflate and deflate to make traveling with your board easy-peasy.

To really make preparation simple, get an iRocker Bundle. It comes with a backpack carry bag that will hold everything above for a perfect day.

How do you prep for a great day of SUP? Whatever you do, don’t let your mum down by being unprepared!

We’d love to hear your ideas for SUP prep (and your mom’s words of wisdom, too). Use the fields below and share your tips, tricks and pics. And if you’d like to learn a little more about iRocker, take a look at this recent article about choosing the perfect board.

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