iROCKER Makes Studying Fun

So you’ve been cramming for that Econ test in the library, but would really like to be outside, on the water, stand up paddleboarding.

We get it!

There’s only one way to satisfy your SUP craving:  skip the library and start studying on your iSUP.

Combine your love for water and sunshine with your need to read. Since more and more schools offer ebooks, the popularity of iSUP studying is growing. If you’re craving the outdoors to the point of total distraction, then you need to try this.

First, get prepared. You’ll need a waterproof case for your tablet or mobile. If you do want to take your books, then pack them in a dry bag. Also, pack some snacks and drinks in your iRocker cooler deck bag because you know you’re going to need them.

Next, choose a calm and quiet spot. You’re not looking for a hardcore workout. What you need is SUP zen. Look for a glassy lake or bay far away from people and noise.

You also might think about converting your iROCKER to a kayak. Check out the iROCKER kayak bundle here, and think about putting it on your holiday gift list. We know student budgets might not allow for a bunch of new gear all at once, but you’re going to want it if you fall in love with this SUP study idea (which you so will).

iSUP Study Groups are Great

iSUP studying works with with a study group and can be a great format for discussion. Imagine paddling along with your classmates, prepping for your your Lit exam, or delving into concepts from your last Psych lecture.

If this appeals to you, check out the iROCKER Big Blue. It’s a large and stable board that can support up to five riders at once. Someone can manage the tablet and read a chapter aloud, while someone else paddles.

iSUP studying also works for professional studies, like real estate exams, continuing education units, or getting a professional license. You’ll benefit from fresh air and sunshine, and a bit of exercise, too.

Tip: If you decide to iSUP solo, remember water safety and bring along sunscreen, water, a life preserver and your phone.

Now that iSUP studying is in your thoughts, there’s simply no reason to sit in a stuffy library! Get out there and hit the board while hitting the books for a study sesh that will keep your interest.

We’d love to see where you go with this, so please send pics and tell us your stories. What are you studying from on your iRocker? Use the form below to let us know and hey, good luck on that exam!

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