Take the Boredom out of the Boardroom with ISUP

Are you planning a workplace gathering? We’re here to encourage you to think outside the concrete box for team-building fun your office mates will love.

You guessed it:  stand up paddle boarding.

Stand-up paddle boarding is not just for you and your friends. In fact, it’s a great sport for bonding with workplace team mates, taking the stress out of day-to-day work, and making your workplace gathering a total success.

You don’t need an ocean or even a stream to make it fun. Any body of water that’s safe for swimming is great for workplace SUP. In fact, Straya offers all kinds of locations and opportunities for this kind of corporate team building and leadership development. We’re lucky that way!

You also don’t need to simply SUP in a long, straight line. To add to the fun (and mental challenge) think obstacle courses, relays and races. All of these provide a great workout for mind, body and soul, and lots of laughs.

Your employees will thank you, trust us. At iROCKER we encourage our own team members to get out there and have fun too. Since taking our meetings to the water, we’ve become more creative than ever. Employee productivity and retention are at record levels and to be frank, we’re healthier than we’ve ever been.

We started thinking about the obstacle course idea and how to move it to the water for a new kind of challenge on our iSUP’s. The end result? We’re stoked to tell you it is freaking awesome!

It takes a little ingenuity and planning, and it’s so worth it.

For starters, take a few boats, some dinghys, and a inflatables out to a favorite water spot, and anchor them. Throw in some creative ideas for obstacles to create a course that runs several hundred meters and you’ve got a team building activity everyone will love.

Add some rules and required moves along the course like yoga poses, paddle challenges or even something like a mandator up-down at a certain marker. Since this is for a group of people with varying experience, consider using beginner tips for helping your team. Transporting special cargo, like the boss, or stuffed animals, or something that must stay dry could be another fun challenge for your team.

Place photographers along the course and remember, Warrior Pose makes a great photo opportunity for all of those goofballs and yoga models you work with.

The pics from an event like this are sure to be fun and show up around the office for months. You might even think about sending up a drone!

For even more fun, you have to add food to your obstacle course. For our event, we chose a great little fish camp that had a dock to tie up to, and was very close to our event. We worked with the owners to plan out a scavenger hunt in advance, and because of the numbers we had involved in the event, we received a discount on the food and half-off a souvenir hat from their gift shop.

Note: If you want to make your employees really happy, throw in a big esky filled with some coldies, too.

Finally, we decided to add to the fun with winners and prizes in three categories:

  1. Best Time Around the Course
  2. Top Warrior Pose (selected by group vote)
  3. First Team to Complete the Scavenger Hunt

Tip: You’ll need judges stationed at various challenges along the course to keep teams ”above board” (and to take pics).

Also, remember safety! You want to make sure your course isn’t in fast-moving water with lots of debris. To be safe, scout the area in advance to identify any potential problems.

You’ll need safety equipment, too, so bring along life jackets, sunscreen, water bottles, a first-aid kit, and a tent for shade. For additional iSUP safety tips click here.

Are you ready to plan a workplace outing your team will actually enjoy? Great! We can’t wait to hear all about it. Please use the fields below to tell us all about your iSUP team building event and to share your pics. Have fun out there!

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