The Most Memorable Day EVER on My iROCKER SUP

best isup 2018

I’m out on my iROCKER stand up paddle board almost every day. Weather has to be really bad to keep me away.

Other “things” won’t keep me from the water, either. Work emergencies or being sick or even a problem with my car. I know my priorities, mates!

But when the weather really does get bad, I admit I’m a bit of a Joey.

When this happens,which is rare, I might take care of some of my chores or errands, and skip a day on my board.

Thursday was very close to becoming one of those days. It was cold, damp, overcast and drab, and I basically wanted to build a fire, cuddle up and chuck a paddle board sickie.

My awesome board friend, showed up right on time, pulled me off the couch and talked me out of my cold weather misery.

Believe it or now, Thursday was, without a doubt, the best SUP day ever. That’s saying a lot because I’m on my board almost every day and have a lot of great days under my belt.

When we first got out there, the weather was really bad. But we geared up, paddled out and just like that, the fog cleared and the sun started to peek through the clouds. It was like a sign!

Not surprisingly, there wasn’t another soul in sight, and it was incredible!

Have you ever had the water entirely to yourself, with only nature for company? Until Thursday, I hadn’t. I can’t remember even coming close.

We were surrounded by serenity on glassy water and not a sound but the splash of our paddles. It was, without question, the most intoxicating experience I have ever had on my board..

Normally, we talk non-stop during an hour-long paddle. We talk about everything from work to travel plans, low-carb recipes, the latest green tea smoothie trends, what to wear next weekend, and on and on.

But on Tuesday, we didn’t say a word through a solid hour of serene, soul-satisfying, paddling, and it was incredible.

At the end, we just looked at each and cracked up. How in the world did such a crummy weather day turn out to be the best SUP day ever?

Have you ever had a totally quiet day on your iROCKER? If you have, please tell us how you liked it. We might even want to check out this serene spot of yours. Please tell us all about it in the comment fields below.

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