No-stress SUP Thanks to iROCKER

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There is nothing more relaxing than using free time in the arvo grabbing my iROCKER SUP and hitting the water. Its an hour of water, sunshine and me. No texting, no traffic, no stress. It’s simply ripper.

This hasn’t always been the case, though. When I first tried SUP, I couldn’t wait to get off my board and back on land. It was hard. Balancing on a board on moving water takes full-body coordination. (Which is the opposite of what I was capable of back then). I could barely balance on one foot on land much less on the water.

On top of it being difficult, it was expensive. I paid over $1,000 for a board I couldn’t convince myself to use.

Also, that first board was heavy and bulky, the long paddle was hard to carry and I was exhausted from trying to stuff everything in my car. By the time I got to the water,I was ready for a nap, not a workout.

iROCKER changed all of this for me. It took the frustration and struggle out of SUP. Now, I can’t imagine an arvo without SUP.

Initially, it was the deflatable design that won me over. What? I didn’t have to have a pre- workout session getting the equipment in the car?  I could actually pack my board in my passenger seat? Yes!

But there’s more that turned SUP into my favorite afternoon zen ritual. iROCKER was made specifically for people like me — those who crave a fun workout, but are constantly on the go and need creative ways to make a workout happen.

The board is inflatable and deflatable, meaning I can pack it away and pop it out easily whenever I have time to drive to the water. If I don’t have time, it’s small enough to sit waiting in my car or tiny apartment.

Next, it’s the perfect scale of just the right length and width. This allows me to balance even on rough water, making SUP more fun than intimidating.

As if these reasons weren’t enough, there are still small details that set iROCKER apart from that bulky board I first tried. The non-slip surface is one. It’s a stellar way to stay safe on the board, and it also built my confidence. I went from paddling on my knees to my feet in no time!

The paddle is another. First off, it floats, which is perfect for someone accident-prone (AKA me). Secondly, it weighs only 32 ounces and breaks down for easy storage. Genius!

The electric pump, however, is my favorite perk. This small but mighty piece of equipment is capable of inflating my IROCKER in five minutes and deflates it in three. (If you’d rather hand pump for a bit of an extra workout, IROCKER offers that option as well.)

All these tiny details add up to a super-convenient and easy SUP experience. This allows me to SUP whenever I have time.

And best of all, iROCKER is affordable. It’s easier and more convenient to use, travel with, and it won’t break your bank. Cha-ching!

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