How to Get Beach Body Ready with iROCKER SUP Yoga

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With winter quickly approaching, I just wanted to remind you, it is NEVER too early to prep for your beach body. This means it’s time to put the hard yakka in and get that fantastic summer bod back.

If you’re up for a body-slimming adventure, here are some stellar ways to add SUP to your everyday workout routine!



Pet SUP is brilliant. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with your woofer, and get a good workout in. Not only do you have the extra challenge of balancing yourself and your pet, he’ll love the extra time with you outdoors.

Get ready to bond like never before, and have a new best paddle boarding buddy.

Before you give it a try, you’ll want to practice your usual preparation for safety and equipment

  1. Provide your pup with a reliable inflatable vest. Chewy has some great ones.
  2. Chill out. Your best bud will respond to your cues so relax and stay mellow.
  3. Give him a quick demo. Paddle out and let him watch you from shore. Once he sees you having fun, he’ll feel your vibe and hop on with confidence.
  4. Start by paddling on your knees with your pup in front. You can adjust when you know he’s comfortable.
  5. Watch your paddle at all times so it doesn’t end up in the water or bonking your best bud in the head.
  6. Commands are key. Make sure he listens to sit and stay so he’ll stay calm with birds overhead or a croc below.
  7. Tip: bigger pups work better in the back and smaller pups in the front.
  8. Don’t forget to pack some healthy treats!


SUP Yoga

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again: iROCKER SUP yoga is bonzer! It’s bottler for core, legs, arms and an ace workout all around. Why?

  1. As if it weren’t hard enough to balance on land, water adds an extra challenge. Try a couple headstands on your board for a better workout. Your core will thank you!
  2. Inhale oxygen, exhale bull dust. The sound of water helps improve breathing. Use SUP Yoga to feed your body oxygen, and soothe your soul with zin.
  3. The sun! A tan is the best sidekick for a cute bather!

If you’ve never tried SUP yoga, IROCKER has you covered. For more SUP yoga tips, check out these tips for beginners  . (You’re welcome.)


Standard SUP

Want to keep it simple on the water? A Standard SUP session is still a stellar workout. IROCKER will keep you floating too! Find the best SUP for you.  If you decide you want more out of the workout, paddle longer, faster or harder.

If you’re looking for something extra, add some targeting exercises!.

  1. Squats. An ace workout for the core and arse. Board squats require balance, which is ripper for, sculpting you’re core, and tighten your bum. Always use proper technique to avoid injury while working for the perfect togs body.
  2. Planks. Is your core still begging for more? Planks. Planks. Planks. Put your core to work as you try to balance on your IROCKER.

Do you have some stand up paddle fitness tips or pics to share? Send them our way, Mate! (Woofer SUP pictures are our favorite!) Use the fields below to get in touch.


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