Paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a newer sport that’s making waves from coast to coast. Here is a report from the Mountain Culture Group (the sporting authorities)

“According to a  report by the Outdoor Foundation, not only is stand up paddle boarding the fastest growing watersport in America, it’s the fastest growing sport, period.”

If you’re looking to give it a try but have been a little apprehensive, these 10 debunked myths will certainly clear your worries about taking the plunge with iSUP.


  1. “iSUP is just way too hard.”
    When you’re simply watching from the shore, SUPing might look tough. But we’ve got some good news…most beginners stand up in just a few minutes! Sure, you’re bound to fall a few times as you adjust to standing on the water, but it’s a watersport after all. It might take some time before you’re riding waves or mastering downward dog, but iSUPing is popular sport that you’ll begin to love in no time.


  1. “Inflatable SUPs aren’t as high-quality as hard boards.”
    This is a big myth that we love to bust. iRocker stand up paddle boards are made of the best materials on the market and can withstand any waves, weather or environment you might encounter. They aren’t made of military-grade materials for nothing.


  1. “The equipment is too expensive.”
    All of our iRocker SUP packages are less than $680, which includes the inflatable paddle board, adjustable fiberglass paddle, iRocker ankle leash, dual action hand pump and iRocker backpack. Everything included in the package is the highest-quality on the market with a price that rivals the rest.


  1. “It’s not a real workout.”
    This is probably the biggest myth of them all! Stand up paddle boarding works out and strengthens all of your core muscle groups. Another fun fact? You can burn more calories during a moderately-paced paddle session than an hour at the gym. Along with the obvious fitness benefits, it’s tough to go wrong with copious amounts of vitamin D and salt/fresh water when it comes to your mind, body and spirit.


  1. “SUPing only great for the summer months.”
    As long as you have a wetsuit or the right clothes to keep you warm, you can paddle your board all year round (that is, if your favorite SUP spot didn’t freeze over). Be sure to properly take care of all your equipment and you’ll have a great time all year long.


  1. “It’s boring.”
    Psh, SUPing is anything but boring! An iSUP isn’t just for paddling through still water, you can ride waves, fish, kayak, race, do yoga, bring your dog and so much more!


  1. “Paddle Boarding is only for ‘perfect’ beach locations.”
    Just because you don’t live in a perfect Instagram paradise doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy stand up paddle boarding. There are even a few perks to paddling in an isolated spot! No tourists getting in your way, more room to clear your head, the list could go on. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a lake, canal, river or ocean, all you need is your iRocker and your swimsuit and you’re good to go. Our boards are built to go just about anywhere, building the best iSUP on the market is just what we do.


  1. “Once you fall, it’s hard to get back up.”
    You’ll certainly fall a few times, sure. But you wanna know what, getting back up on your iSUP is easier than you could imagine. We have no doubt you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Check out our boards some we have made wider to make it easier to stand up and still have the speed and handling you would get from a slimmer board.


  1. “I could just surf instead.”
    Sure, you can ride waves with your paddle board, but the two sports are very different. Not only can you do more on a stand up paddle board, you will also get a very different workout and overall experience.


  1. “iSUPs are hard to inflate and put together.”
    Inflatables can be fully put together in a matter of minutes. iRockers inflate quickly and can be put together anytime, anywhere. The best part about an inflatable paddle board is the versatility and spontaneity it brings to your often routine life. They’re lightweight and fit into a backpack, so you can keep it in your car or bring it on a plane. No matter where you’re headed, you’re always ready to SUP.


We love to here your stories, tell us about when you first tried paddle boarding on your iRocker SUP, better yet send us a video and win a very cool prize. Or just let us know how you like your iRocker board and we will send you a prize you will appreciate … and NO, it is not a keyring or a hat, it will be something. A prize you will enjoy. Tell us below.

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