Stand Up Paddle Boards and Other Great Holiday Gifts For The Lady In Your Life

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Stand up paddle board, handbags, jewelry or possibly hiking shoes or a high quality wet suit, those are big differences when looking for a holiday present for the girl of your dreams? Especially if she is the outdoors type. We get it, a woman who loves the outdoors isn’t always the easiest to shop for when the holidays come around. If you’re stumped on gift ideas for the  outdoorsy woman in your life, the team at iRocker has done some research for you. Whether she’s into SUPing, hiking, biking, running, yoga or surfing, these presents are sure to impress and get put to good use.



An inflatable stand up paddleboard is perfect for any woman who loves the beach, surfing, yoga or simply relaxing outside. Not only will an iSUP provide a way better workout than the gym, it can also be used for a relaxing yoga session or transformed into a kayak. However she likes to get fit, the iRocker SUP has got her covered. A great perk of owning an iRocker is that she can bring it with her anywhere, from a short road trip to a flight across the globe. No matter how difficult she might be to shop for, getting an iRocker for her (and for yourself, too!) will make you the best gift giver on the planet.


Outdoor Hammock


Outdoor hammocks are simple enough to hang between two trees, Jeeps or simply from a hammock stand. Whether you purchase a single for her or a double for both of you to hang, this is a great gift for any outdoorswoman. Portable hammocks are great for camping because they’re easier to assemble than a tent and lightweight enough to bring on a hike. At iRocker, we’re all about finding products and materials that make travel easy.


We Know What Our iSUP Buyers Like To Have

Next To Their Inflatable Boards


Workout Clothes


There’s a good chance she’s always in some form of spandex, even if she’s just running errands or getting coffee. There are tons of great, affordable brands that make exercise attire for any and every type of exercise. Trust us, she can never have too many stretchy tanks, wicking leggings or colorful headbands. Just make sure to know her sizes before swiping your card. If you’re on the fence about what she likes, grab a gift card to Lululemon, Fabletics, Dicks or Sporting Goods so she can pick out her favorites. Most anything looks good when you are on your inflatable SUP, short and your paddle board a great combination




There’s just about nothing worse than dropping your expensive sunglasses in the water during a paddle board session and never seeing them again. Whether she goes through five pairs of shades a year or she simply appreciates a nice pair of glasses, there’s a good chance she’s in the market for a durable and stylish pair for her next trip. To make your gift even more personal to her love of the outdoors, look for a pair of UV lenses with frames that float. We suggest you check out, they have excellent choices for the right price.


Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler


Does the outdoorsy woman in your life happen to also love wine? Surprise, surprise. If vino is her thing, a lightweight, durable tumbler will totally change the way she enjoys the outdoors. A high quality wine tumbler is lightweight, keeps drinks cold for hours, comes in all of her favorite colors and will make her SUP session that much more relaxing.


Although all of these are great gift ideas, an iRocker inflatable paddle board is sure to win you bonus points. Besides, giving her an iSUP this time around will provide you with plenty of gift options for celebrations to come. From a kayak bundle to a premium back pack, iRocker offers plenty of products that make awesome gifts.


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