Your Kids & You SUPing, Family Fun. iRocker 2017: Safety Tips

Stand-Up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world and there are countless reasons, but the one iRocker believes is by far the biggest one, “It’s Family Friendly”. Think about it…sports like wakeboarding, surfing and scuba diving are either too difficult for the young ones or they’re solo sports. SUPing is possible for everyone from the little three-year-old to an 80-year-old grandpa! But before you bring your kids along on your next iSUP session, iRocker feels it is if not mandatory, extremely important to review these important safety measures:


Tip #1: Protect Your Child’s Skin



You’ve heard it a million times, please welcome a million and one, but that’s because it’s so important. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF to your kid’s skin before heading out on the water. It’s easy to lose track of time during a fun afternoon of inflatable stand up paddle boarding, and the water magnifies the suns effects, so setting a timer on your watch to head back to shore and reapply is a smart idea. A good rule of thumb is to apply more sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection. We have heard about more vacations being ruined because the first day on the water, the sunburns were so bad the family was un able to return water for another 3 or 4 days to ISUP because it was so painful and concerns about permanent damage to their or their child’s skin.


Tip #2: PFDs are Necessary Protection



Personal flotation devices might get passed over by adult paddle boarders, but they’re an absolute necessity for any child still developing their swimming skills. Whether you’re in a calm river or the choppy ocean, it’s impossible to predict the currents and weather. You’ll have comfort in knowing your child will stay above water while they’re wearing a PFD. The best way to enjoy your vacation or day at the water is knowing all will be safe.


Tip #3: Refrain from Rough Waters



The water is unpredictable, like we said, weather patterns can change quickly. iRocker knows this from personal experience when taking vacations with our children. Rip currents and changing tides can be dangerous scenarios for amateur paddlers, especially those with minimal swimming experience. Most would assume everyone understand this but as a reminder, the best way to get your children comfortable on a paddle board and in the water, is by starting in calm conditions. Additionally, stay away from areas in the water with boat traffic, rocks and objects in the water, fishermen or spots full of swimmers.


Tip #4: Get the Right Gear



Always equip your kid with a leash and a paddle adjusted to the correct length. In fact, this isn’t a rule reserved for the little ones. Even the most skilled paddlers use leashes to maintain control of their board. SUP leashes help protect from drowning and always keep the board within arm’s reach. Additionally, giving your child, a properly adjusted paddle will make paddling easier and overall more enjoyable.



iRocker paddles aren’t only adjustable, they float! No matter your height, our fiberglass paddle has got ya covered. It can be adjusted from 67 to 79 inches.


iRockers ISUP’s were made to be enjoyed by everyone in your family, and the best way to ensure a pleasant experience is by taking the necessary precautions. Water safety isn’t something to mess around with, so keep this list handy to avoid any accidents! For even more safety tips, check out this blog by our friends over at


You and the kids out and about in the sun and fun on the water. Our readers love to hear your stories about where you went, did your children have fun, was the location or vacation spot right for families? Enquiring minds want to know. Wow, way to Enquirer but we sure like to hear from all of you so please send us your stories and we will post for all to read. Your vacation can become everyone’s vacation if you found the perfect spot. Please let us know in the space below. Happy paddling from Steve and Dave, the original iRockers.

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