iRocker 2017: Places to Paddle When It’s Winter Here

iRocker SUPing when it is cold? Wearing six layers of insulated, waterproof gear while braving the chilly water and biting wind isn’t for everyone. Trust us, we get it. When your hometown falls victim to the inevitable winter temperatures, it might just be time to take your ISUP skills to a warmer, more desirable spot on the globe. If bikinis and board shorts are more your speed, head to one of these sunny spots with your iRocker to escape the wintry weather:


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Santa Barbara, California

We have no idea what the weather is like in heaven, but we’re pretty sure it’s something close to the perfect Santa Barbara climate. C’mon, how can you go wrong with nearly year-round sunshine, low humidity and a steady temperature of 75 degrees? Not only is the weather great, but there are countless spots around the city to launch your iSUP. If you’re in the mood to paddle in a busier area and do some people watching, head to Leadbetter Beach. On the contrary, Butterfly Beach in Montecito is far less crowded and great for a relaxing afternoon on your inflatable stand up paddle board. Hey, you might even spot a celebrity or two!


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Jaco, Costa Rica

This bustling beach town is incredibly close to the capital city of San Jose and features countless restaurants, bars, shops and a breathtaking beach. We all know Costa Rica is well-known for its surfing, and Jaco is certainly the place to be if you want to catch some waves in your iRocker. Your inflatable stand up paddle board was made for the waves on this rocky beach. For smaller waves, head to Playa Jaco to work on your surf skills or for a calmer paddle session. If you’re a more experience iSUP surfer, Playa Hermosa is the spot to be. Hermosa is a world-class surf destination, so don’t be surprised if you see some professionals out on the water.


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The Canary Islands

Have you ever seen those beautiful, almost unreal photos floating around of black and white sand beaches? Yeah, those beaches are on the volcanic aisles known as the Canary Islands. If the crystal clear water, lush beaches and delicious Spanish food aren’t enough to convince you to visit, the temperature in the islands is perfect for SUPing all year long. The beaches of the Canary Islands are hidden gems that we have no doubt you’ll immediately fall in love with.


St. John, USVI

Hello paradise! One of our favorite things about the US and British Virgin Islands is how easy it is to bounce around from island to island. From Anguilla to Anegada (and dozens of beautiful beaches in between), it’s hard to go wrong with a SUP trip to this highly desirable spot. St. John is a great place to start, with its clear, peaceful waters and soft sand beaches. Don’t forget to take advantage of the amazing restaurants and great shopping while you’re there!

If you’re just dying for a change of scenery (especially if there’s snow on the ground where you are!), then we’re all about rolling up your iRocker and buying an impulse ticket to any of these warm spots on the map. Your iRocker makes it so easy to travel, so it’s a necessity to take advantage of its portability and durability.

Whether you head out for a relaxing weekend filled with SUP yoga or venture out and catch some pro-level waves, your iRocker is up to the task.

We are sure so many of you iRockers have hit the beaches all over the USA and in other counties, I know our readers would like to here where you think paradise and your ISUP make the perfect couple. Let us know your favorite place to inflate and board. We appreciate your comments so use the space below to tell us your story.


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