4 Reasons Your iRocker Blows Your Gym Out of the Water

iRocker SUP, your floating gym. Aside from the fact that the views and relaxation associated with stand-up paddle boarding are incomparable, there are some crazy good health benefits that are flat-out better than anything you’ll get in the gym. Although the gym is a great spot for building muscle and cramming in some cardio, it’s not necessarily a go-to for stress relief. From obvious physical benefits to subtler mental health benefits, here are four huge reasons to hit the water next time you’re craving a good workout:


Improve Your Balance

Unless your gym has a balance beam, the squat rack and elliptical will do very little to improve your center of gravity. Standing upright for an extended period on your inflatable stand up paddle board is a great way to build core strength, increase focus and improve your performance in everyday activities. Doing crunches on a dirty gym floor just can’t compete with ripples in the water and a cool breeze.


Great for Rehabilitation

By nature, iSUP is a low impact sport, making it great for slowly building strength after an injury. The body motions used during paddle boarding are gentle on muscles and joints. On the other hand, stand up paddle board lends incredible mental health benefits that greatly contribute to the healing process. The calmness of the moving water and soft sounds of nature makes this sport the place for peace.


Burn Serious Calories

At an average pace on your paddleboard, you’ll burn about twice as many calories as what you’d burn on a speed walk on the treadmill. To make it even better, this average paddle pace will burn nearly 450 calories. Pretty amazing, we know. Besides, exploring the water with your iRocker is a million times better than repetitive strides on a treadmill.


Get a Killer Core

There are countless reasons why paddle boarding has rapidly grown in popularity, but two have to do with the ease of learning the sport and the amazing abs you’ll start to see. Your core muscles will quickly strengthen (and the nice six-pack is just a bonus!)


Here are a couple of our favorite workouts that you just can’t do in your everyday gym:


Butt Blaster: Position your body into a deep squat on your iRocker while holding your paddle above your head. Raise and lower your body off the board using only your toes.


Why it works: Maintaining a squat position while going through this motion is one thing, but doing it while balancing on the water is a whole new challenge.


Side Switch: Grip each side of the board while lying face up. Raise your legs straight in the air and slowly move them from the left side to the right.


Why it works: Your core will get a run for its money with this one. Doing your absolute best to avoid falling into the water will take some serious skill and strong abdominals!


We’re all about finding nontraditional ways to tone our bodies and improve our health without paying a hefty gym membership. Lucky for all of us, iRocker makes fitness fun and simple. Whether you want to take your workout to the ocean or the Intracoastal, your inflatable stand up paddle board will help you feel fit in no time.


Do you have some exercises you would like to share with our readers? Tell us you secret (we promise not to tell anyone else…. NOT). Help our followers to get into the shape they are chasing this summer and let us know in the space below what you do. Thanks


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