How to Properly Hold a Paddle on Sup

Occasionally we have customers contact us with problems on how to hold the paddle on their iSUP. Trust us, the problem is not in the make of the paddle; it is simply the way it is being held. The correct way to hold the paddle is with the angle of the blade directed towards the nose of the board. In doing this, the iRocker Logo on the blade and shaft should be facing towards the front/nose of the board. Holding the paddle this way allows the water to slide past the paddle easier, keeping your stroke straight and even through the water. If you were to hold the paddle the other way and scoop the water, the paddle will tend to move side to side because the water is trying to move past the paddle.



Now that you have this valuable information you can finally enjoy the summer on your iSUP!

For any other questions regarding your SUP please refer to the FAQ section on our site.

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