Vacation, iRocker Style

iRocker SUP knows at this point in the summer, pretty much everyone across the globe is breaking a sweat during their short walk from their car to front door. When the heat and humidity are off the charts there’s no better way to cool off than with a long, refreshing paddle board session. Although paddle boarding can be done pretty much anywhere, it’s always fun to talk about the little corners of the world that have a nice spot on travel wish lists everywhere. This summer, make it a point to visit one of these dreamy iSUP spots:



Oahu, Hawaii – Sunset Beach

You know those crazy beautiful, absolutely unreal beach pictures you see all over Instagram. Well, if your friends are into surfing or stand up paddle boarding, there’s a good chance they came from the picturesque beaches of Hawaii. We don’t blame them for visiting, really. The water is clear, the sun is constantly shining and the swells are practically unbeatable. The summer months are typically a bit calmer, so take advantage of the downtime and paddle the four miles stretch from Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay.


St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands – Cruz Bay

Bringing your Inflatable iRocker SUP along for any trip is simple and easy. So, follow the SUP winds to places that are perfect. Believe it or not, there’s no passport needed for this little U.S. territory in the Caribbean Sea. With perfectly clear blue water, your day on your iRocker will likely feature bright coral and lively sea creatures. The waters of these beaches are typically calm, so it’s an ideal spot for relaxing, low-impact inflatable stand up paddle boarding. For intermediate paddlers, head from Cruz Bay to Salomon Beach with your scuba gear strapped to your board. The 20-minute paddle features some amazing scuba spots along the way. Win, win.


Malibu, California

There are a million locations to launch your inflatable stand up paddle board in this beautiful state, so it was incredibly difficult to choose just one. The perfect weather, breathtaking views and endless beaches make Malibu a top contender for California SUP spots. Malibu has been known for its stellar surfing for ages and is increasingly becoming popular for the growing sport of stand-up paddle boarding. We can’t think of a better way to take in the multimillion dollar real estate and burn off those tacos than paddling up and down the beaches of Malibu.


St. Augustine, Florida

The rich history of the oldest city in the country comes along with some great waterways to take in the sights and beautiful weather. After a hot day exploring the sites and eating yummy food, simply unroll your iRocker and launch into a nearby beach. A charming perk of paddle boarding around St. Augustine is that you can see the ocean and the city all from the comfort of your inflatable stand up paddle board. Win, win.



We know, these spots make it pretty tempting to just pack up your suitcase and go. Although, there are plenty of incredible SUP spots in every little corner of the world. From South Africa to South Dakota, we can guarantee you can find a great spot to drop in your iRocker somewhere close by. But if you do decide to listen to our recommendations and hop on a plane, be sure to take pictures of your adventures!

And you can send you pictures to our Blog reply directly below the article. Let us all know you favorite spot in the World where you and your board had the time of your life. It is appreciated.

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