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Opposable thumbs might make life a whole lot easier, but they’re not necessary for stand-up paddle boarding! Yep, animals and humans alike can get on board with this popular craze. From iSUP races to simply enjoying a nice day on the water, bringing your four-legged friend along for a ride is always a great idea. No dog? No problem. iRocker certainly doesn’t discriminate, so any pet, big or small, is welcome aboard. Here are a few steps to easily transition your best friend onto your iSUP:


Ease ‘em into it


Fully inflate your iRocker and allow it to be a part of your home decor for a few days. It might throw the feng shui off, but getting your pet associated with the board is well worth it. By leaving the inflatable stand up paddle board in a common area of your home, your dog (or whatever you have running through your house!) will realize it’s not a threat or danger.



Create interest

We all know the way to an animal’s heart…a treat, of course! After a few hours of allowing your pet to investigate the board, place a treat or its favorite toy in the center. Your pup will quickly find out it’s A-OK to hop on the iSUP. After they’ve made their way to the board, tell your pet to sit and give another treat. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Fido will quickly catch on.


Give instruction


After giving your furry friend a million treats for repeatedly sitting in the center of the board, take the training to the next level. Sit on the board behind your pet, and start standing once it’s comfortable enough. Baby steps! Once you’re both comfortable, start rocking back and forth on the inflatable paddle board. Keep the treats handy and your patience levels at an all time high.


Establish some code words


We’re talking about special commands you can use to give your pet instruction. Just like you have certain words or actions, you use for “sit” and “shake,” come up with a word to use when you want your pup to get on the iRocker. Our favorite? “Pup SUP time!”


Hit the water


Whether you’re launching your iSUP on the shore of a beach or the end of a dock, do a few more practice runs as close to the water as you can get. Go through each step until your pet responds in the same way they did in your living room. When you’re both feeling confident, get ready to paddle!



Once you’re both paddling smoothly through the water, the tedious process is soooo worth it! But, don’t forget a cute pair of goggles and a comfy life jacket for your four-legged companion. With the proper training and safety precautions, you’ll be cruising with your pet on your inflatable stand up paddle board in no time.


And when you finish your day in the fun and the sun, just grab your board, your pig, your hat and cigar and head home. What is that you say, “You don’t have a hat, cigar and Pig?”. It’s ok, you can use your iRocker Sup just Mano y Mano and I guarantee you will still have a ton of fun.


Hey, don’t leave us hanging! It’ll make our day if you take pictures of your training process and especially of the two of you on the water. We can’t wait!

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