3 Workouts to Improve Your SUP Performance

If you’re about to burn 800 calories in an hour of SUPing, give your muscles a heads up with the following exercises. Repetition is key when it comes to training, so be sure to incorporate these workouts 3-5 times each week.

Paddle boarding is a full-body workout. You’ll use muscle regions you didn’t know existed which can be harmful if you’re out of shape. Waking your muscles up is key to SUP success and these exercises are the alarm clock.

1. Kneeling Pulldown to Triceps Press 

  • Kneel on the ground facing a resistance bar. Straighten your spine to be perpendicular to the ground and don’t tuck your chin.
  • Pull cable down until the bar is in line with your belly button and elbows are at your sides.
  • Complete motion by pushing the bar straight down until your arms are fully extended.

How this improves SUP performance: When you think of paddle boarding, you think of your arms and shoulders doing all the work. Although this isn’t totally the case, they’re strength is key to an enjoyable paddle session. The muscles in your arms, hands and shoulders that benefit from the exercise will be directly used in every phase on your iRocker.

2. Swiss Ball Twist

  • Straddle a Swiss ball in a kneeling position, adjust your body to be perpendicular to the resistance cables.
  • Extend your arms toward the resistance cables and grab with both hands. Straighten your spine to be perpendicular to the ground and don’t rotate your hips or torso.
  • Tighten your core and swing your arms to the opposite side of your body. Make sure your arms remain extended.

How this improves SUP performance: Not only are you gaining arm strength from this exercise, you’ll be working on the balanced needed on a paddle board. Don’t take the easy way out with this workout by ditching the ball, the core strength you gain now will be a lifesaver later. Like the kneeling pulldown exercise, you’ll feel a good burn in your arms because muscles are being seriously worked for the first time.

3. Swiss Lumbar Extension Lat Press

  • Lie atop a Swiss ball facing the resistance cables.
  • Rest your hips on the ball and slowly lean forward.
  • Extend your arms and grab the cables. Arms should remain parallel to your head.
  • Exhale and pull the cables straight back past your hips. don’t move your feet or body, don’t bend your elbows.

How this improves SUP performance: Noticing a trend here? Shoulder and arm strength will make or break you on the paddle board. Your shoulders and arms need to work together in every stroke of the paddle. Even the calmest of conditions in the water can damage your muscles if they’re not prepared.

Grab your board, get in the water and show off that emerging six-pack of yours!

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