How SUPping Relieves Anxiety

Life now seems to be full of rushing around, full of stress, full of anxiety. We are all looking for an escape from the norm so that we can get away and feel free from everything that weighs us down day to day. One of the best ways to do this is by supping. Stand up paddle boards have a lot of power when it comes to helping us with stress and anxiety. You could hop on stand up paddle boards and head out to a spot on the ocean and never have it be the same experience twice. The ocean allows us to go supping for miles and miles.

Improve Your Sleep

When you are talking about supping and how it relieves anxiety, you have to talk about how much better you are going to end up sleeping each and every night. You need your rest in order to recharge and be ready for the days ahead. When you are out on stand up paddle boards on the water, you are taking in that amazing ocean air. When you are talking about ocean air, it has been scientifically proven that the negative ions in that air can help us take in more oxygen.  This can help us in terms of getting our body’s sleep cycle on the right track. Even just being out on the ocean and taking in the sounds can make a huge difference in how we go home and unwind at night.

Feel Relaxed

It can be quite difficult for us to find places where we can relax and just ease our minds. One of the places where we are usually able to do this though is at the beach. For some people, a little R&R at the beach has been known to help brain chemicals fight off depression and anxiety and relieve stress levels. Take your beach trip a step further and jump on your stand up paddle board.


If SUPping doesn’t help you unwind at night or simply get away from your troubles, maybe using your iSUP for exercise will. Exercise causes endorphins to release from your brain and act as a natural painkiller. For those of you that aren’t fans of your average gym workout, give SUPping a try. It’s a known fact – the more you exercise, the healthier you’ll be physically and mentally. The better your body feels, the better you will feel.

If you are having a bad day at work, a fight with your significant other, trouble with friends or family, supping can help you escape all of that. There is nothing better for the body and the mind than when you are out on the ocean with nothing between the ocean air and the water itself but you on your stand up paddle board.

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