8 Tips for Beginning Stand Up Paddleboarders

As with just about any activity out there, you are always going to have a learning curve whenever you try something new. What you always want to do though is to try and set yourself up for success. You need to have as firm of an idea as possible before you hop on something such as inflatable stand up paddleboard so that once you get going, you’ll never want to stop.

Paddle Properly

It is important that you paddle the right way when you are on a stand up paddleboard. Use the paddle to actually scoop up the water. Be careful because the paddle can actually go the other way due to the force and cause us to fall. When you have your paddle, try and get the blade to go in vertically so that you can create that smooth stroke.

Leash Yourself to the Board

You never want to lose your inflatable stand up paddleboards nor do you want to be embarrassed about trying to swim after it when it gets away from you. Try and get a leash for the stand up paddleboards that you have. This way when you fall off of the board, which is inevitable for beginners, you are going to be able to have the board right there with you for safety and for ease of hopping back on.

Focus on Core Muscles

You really want to focus on your core muscles when using stand up paddleboards. What you do not want to do is to put too much pressure on your arms. When you use those core muscles, you are going to get a much better stroke going with the board and you are also going to find that your balance is that much easier to maintain.

Look Forward

Have you ever struggled with trying to figure out which side is the front or back of the board? Look for the fins of the board and make sure that they are behind you when you hop on. As long as you are looking away from the fins, you are in good shape.

Keep the Head Up

You always want to try and keep your head up on stand up paddleboards. So many people will look down and try and watch the water, but what can happen is that you can lose your balance that much easier doing it this way. Keep your head up and your back straight. The goal is to have the weight of your body sitting over your toes.

Safety First

You always want to be aware of your surroundings when on stand up paddleboards. If you are a beginner, stay away from areas with big waves or crowds so that you do not do any damage to yourself or anyone else that may be around you swimming or doing whatever to enjoy the water.

Be Wary of Waves

You want to be aware of the waves that are out there on the water when you hop on stand up paddleboards. It may seem like a great idea to go and try and ride a wave, but it may not always turn out the way that you want it to turn out. Have an awareness of the waves and try to  avoid those that are going to just be too powerful for yourself and your board to handle.

Fall With Grace

You want to fall with a sense of grace off of your stand up paddleboards. So many people fall awkwardly and jump ahead as they lose their balance. When you fall off of your board though, you want to fall away from it. When you have a leash with you, there should be no fear of losing the board. Wind is usually the single biggest reason why people take big falls off of stand up paddleboards so be weary of the weather.

As a beginner to stand up paddleboards, there are things that you are going to be able to do to help you that very first time you get on the board. This can give you a much better chance of having fun and laying the foundation for a successful road ahead as you begin to learn how to tackle the water on your new toy.

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