4 Signs You Bought A Quality Inflatable Paddleboard

Couple Stand Up Paddle Surfing In Hawaii, Beautiful Tropical Oce

Making an investment in anything that you plan to take onto the water should require a decent amount of thinking and analysis. If we all just went out and bought the first surfboard that we saw or the first boat that we laid our eyes on, chances are that not all of those purchases are going to turn out to be of very high quality. The same goes for when you are looking to make a purchase of an inflatable standup paddleboard.

There are plenty of companies out there that are going to try and sell you value or budget paddleboards. These boards may seem really attractive based on their price point alone, but they usually are not going to give you the quality and durability that you are looking for. This is why you always want to be on the lookout for some signs that the inflatable standup paddleboard that you invest in is going to be built to last and also built to give you an ideal ride.

Perfect Shaping

You want to focus on the shape of the inflatable standup paddleboard as the shape can make a big difference in terms of what you are going to be able to get out of the board. Focus in on the nose specifically. The nose rocker is what is going to allow you to ride small waves easier. This is going to help you as you go through waves on a regular basis so that you can continue to ride smoothly. The shape of our inflatable standup paddleboard is also such that it is built for speed. The speed and stability that you are going to get thanks to the shaping of our boards is going to really help your riding experience.


Storage is also an important deciding factor. When we sell one of our inflatable standup paddleboard products, it will include a backpack. This will help keep your board in pristine condition when it is not in use. Quality products deserve quality care.

Easier Hand Pump

The hand pump should also be something that you focus in on when you are looking for a quality inflatable standup paddleboard. Our hand pumps are dual action and are going to help you to reduce the pumping time by at least 25% over single action pumps. You are not going to have to work nearly as hard to get your board all blown up and ready to go. This can get you back on the water that much faster and also help you have energy for where it counts, when you are riding.

Guarantees of the Boards

You also want to be buying from a company that is going to stand by the boards that they are selling to you. When we at iRocker sell one of our inflatable standup paddleboard products we are going to be offering you a 2-year warranty. This is above and beyond what you typically see from our competitors where they usually only offer a 1-year warranty and after that, you are out of luck.

A quality standup paddleboard is always something that you want to drive for when you’re in the market for one of these products. When you focus in on quality, you are going to have that much better of a ride and ensure a longer lifespan of the board overall.

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